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Learning how to use Github Actions

I have spent the last few hours playing with Github actions. I had a need to scratch. Docker stopped the automated builds of my docker images for which I use within bitbucket pipelines.

Any time I used to commit to my git Bitbucket repo for the pipelines image a webhook would trigger this to build on Docker. Now however unless you fork out money to Docker this no longer works.

I could have worked out how to automate the process locally to build the image and push to docker hub but I wanted a more automated way. So I looked into Github Actions.

I also had another issue I wanted to solve. I need to maintain both a PHP 7.4 version for legacy apps and PHP 8.0 for newer apps. At the time I was only running the one version, PHP 7.4. After looking at what some of the other packages and services I use it seems most use a Docker file for the two versions. So I did that. Renamed my original and saved another with a couple of alterations.

I use Ansible to build the image anyway. So all I need to do is refactor a couple of variables to a new file and then call two different playbook. The two playbooks would then get called by the two different Dockerfiles.

Next step was to work our how Github Actions worked. After a bit of Googling and a few blog posts it seemed pretty straight forward. So a little tweaking and dummy commits I had two images being built and then pushed to Docker hub with different tags. This was already much better than I had in place already.

One last action I run from another server is to check for new Google Chrome releases and call a webhook to build the image again. This too took less than an hour to sort out and test.


Both the repository to build the image and the images are public. See the links below.

Github repository that builds the images

Docker Hub repo

10 week weight loss challenge

So this all started on March 3rd when David suggested on chat that he wanted to do a weight loss thing. Loose 10kgs

Daves initial suggestion

I was quickly on board. However to add a little bit more motivation we agreed to put $200 on it. So if one beat the other they had to cough up. The hope was that neither of us would be paying anyone as we would both have meet our goal.

We both started on Saturday the 6th of March 2021. My starting weight was 89.9kgs.. We both have a set of smart scales so keeping accurate track of our weight was going to be easy.

According to My Fitness Pal. My daily calorie in-take was going to be 1500 calories. On the first day I realized just how little amount of food 1500 calories actually is. Just my bowl of Saltana Bran and Ice Coffee in the morning is already 406 calories. To be fair I know the Ice Coffee is more than the 100 I record. It’s probably closer to 250-300. That leave almost one third of the daily intake gone already.

In order to make this work I was going to need to do more than just watch what I eat. Basically the more you exercise the more you can eat. You get more allowance per day depending on how many calories you burn exercising.

The plan was to cycle 50kms a day each day with one day rest each week. In all honesty this is not a plan even I thought I would stick to. get up 5 days a week at 04:10am and bank 50kms before work.

The first week I managed to pull it off . Surprising even me. Last time I did anything like that was probably 2011. After the first week though I realised I needed to come up with a different route for each day.

After some time on Strava and some tweaks to some route suggestions I four solid weekday routes which all varied enough. Fridays were sort of an anything can happen Friday and I tried a few different things else used it to do a route I missed due to rain days.

Days that did rain I did three laps of Tempus Fugit. Most of my Zwift sessions were before work but a handful after work or at night.

Due to the early starts each weekday morning Saturday consistently became my sleep in day and rest day.

I first reached my 80kg mark on Tuesday 20th April after my morning ride. However since I still had four and a half weeks to go I was not prepared to call it job done. Firstly I had to maintain the weight but I set myself a new target of 75kgs. This would make my total weight loss of 15 kgs.

I continued to keep doing what I was doing and things were progressing well. However the loss rate did slow down. The trend was still downward but the speed at which I was loosing it slowed down. I did let a few days slightly slip. Not from pigging out but our meals were a little on the high side of things.

We re-jigged our Hello Fresh order to the calorie smart options. I think but Rhian and I have noticed there is a little less in these but over the last couple weeks it has helped me get down to the 75kg mark.

I actually hit the 75.2 on Friday 14th of May. Technically that was the final day of the challenge. However since the plan was to go out Saturday night and celebrate my plan was to do the SPR ride on Saturday. See what number I could get with one last push. Was a crappy ride. I was tired and normally Saturday had been the rest day. However I wanted to bank the calories for that night.

To my surprise when I got home and jumped on the scales the magic number was 74.6 kgs. No 75kg goal tick and I am calling that the challenge done.

The challenge now is to keep the weight down. Even though I can now eat a little more I will still be calorie counting and trying to maintain the routine I have built up.

We went out yesterday and bought some new clothes because most of my current clothes are now too big and falling off. I do not really want to put the weight back on just to fit my clothes. My hope was to loose this weight so I could fit my clothes without a muffin top all the time.

Now some pictures and charts

I completed 73 rides over 107 hours and 42 minutes covering 3,130 kms.