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Click Frenzy – FAIL

UPDATE: 3 hours 18 minutes. You can now get to the front page but click on anything and it still fails. They appear to have changed hosts to cloudfront. But I guess they are still trying to configure things.

Check out the stream of LOL’s on Twitter. Very entertaining and they deserve it. They said they were prepared Twitter Feed. Click Here 

UPDATE: 2 hours and 24 minutes in and the website is still down. But now it does not even show the screen grab from below.

This is funny because its not my problem. Click Frenzy a Magento built website that apparently has christmas specials from over 200 retailers just waiting for the whole of Australia to purchase at 7pm ESDT has failed. The shop has been live for the last 50 minutes. As expected it can not cope with the traffic and has been down for the majority of that 50 minutes.

They have a screen saying they are trying to clear the stampede. Good luck. A lot of people are going to give up before you get things sorted. You got all this publicity and you didn’t spend the cash on enough servers to keep it running. Should have just hosted it with Magento Go and had them handle the traffic.

The new bike is close to complete

Well.  Sort of. It is close to completely order. Tonight I ordered most of the Group set components. This is the stuff that lets me put my massive leg mussels to work and transfer that into the bike (ok little over doing it there)

So the shopping list is

I know the front Derailleur is missing but need to check the size of the frame when it arrives.  Didn’t have the guts to take a punt on it.

Other good news Jordan Brock has offered to loan me a bike so with any luck and providing I can sort out a time to get around to his place this week I may make my return Saturday or Sunday.  Can’t wait 🙂

Another Frame Has Been Ordered

Ok after the last week I have gone ahead and ordered the frame previously mentioned. Cinelli 2010 Estrada Frame Module – Blue

It is actually a lighter frame than the other Cinelli frame I ordered last week. This one also comes with the seat post, Bars and stem. So all up actually a better purchase. Now I need to organise the group set. After Ultegra 6700 Groupset.

Currently out of stock, Also need BB30 Adaptors apparently but Peter is looking into this (I’m outta my depth) So taking the steps to get back on the bike. Not a cheap exercise. But I stripped everything Off the Oppy C5 on Saturday. Looks a sad state now.