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SPR 10 year celebrations

Yesterday was the celebration day for South Perth rouleurs turning 10 years old.

The day started with a traditional river loop minus Mosman hill. There was a great turnout at Coode street.

Rob Ramsden introduced a lot of us to his off bike talents. Would have never known without attending last night. He was entertaining.

After more that enough beer was consumed at the Windsor Rhian and I headed back across the river for dinner in Northbridge. Was a great baby free night.

I think the thumbs up were about the left over spr ballons

Photos from Mark de Castro


Rhian and I

First attempt at Fast 2

Today I tried my first attempt at Fast 2. I didn’t expect to last until Christchurch but managed to stick with it until Preston Point Road. The small hill was enough to get me gapped enough that I was dropped. Still managed to make it back to the raffles with my fastest Thursday time so more than happy with that. Up until when I got dropped I had an average speed of 39.5 kp/h

Relive video https://www.relive.cc/view/969877797

Strava http://www.strava.com/activities/969877797