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First attempt at Fast 2

Today I tried my first attempt at Fast 2. I didn’t expect to last until Christchurch but managed to stick with it until Preston Point Road. The small hill was enough to get me gapped enough that I was dropped. Still managed to make it back to the raffles with my fastest Thursday time so more than happy with that. Up until when I got dropped I had an average speed of 39.5 kp/h

Relive video https://www.relive.cc/view/969877797

Strava http://www.strava.com/activities/969877797


Simple Things Make You Happy

Simple things such as putting in a good effort on Burke drive. Legs hyelling at you then you glance at your speed and your doing 51.5kph. Then there is a gap of around 20 -30 meters and it is you who have to pull the train behind you back. I managed to pull it off but once i got to the wheel of the two in front i was done and had to back it of a few kms and let the train pass. They didn’t get away.