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My year in Cycling

Lets start this off with the highlights. 2021 was the year I completed the most cycling I have ever done in a year by a long shot.

Some of the simple stats

  • total 13,294 km
  • 8,001 kms outdoors
  • 5,293 kms indoors
  • 242 days I rode
  • 5 times I rode over 100kms
  • 446 hours peddling

I have my buddy Dave to thank for all of this. It was he who prompted me to start the weight loss campaign back in March. However once that was over I continued. Up until that point I only had 500 kms for the year.

The chance of catching up to my yearly goal of 12,000 seemed a long way off. However since I kept up my 300km a week target I kept plugging away at the number and caught it earlier this month (December).

However being December I almost strung two weeks of 500kms. I outdid my target by 1,294kms.

Next year I am going to try for 15,000kms

Most of my rides were solo this year apart from a handlful with Shorty. Craig. Will see if we can change that a little next year

Some photos from the year.

Some better looking stats are below.

Perth Storms February 2020

We have had a few storms through Perth this week. The worst was on Tuesday afternoon when lots of people were left without power and damaged property. Next is some small videos I took that afternoon.

This was taken just a few minutes before the storm hit.

This was taken during the downpour showing the rain flooding the courtyard in minutes

Jenson felt it was safer to hide in the Pantry

I took this shortly after the rain stopped. Whole thing only lasted five minutes

An hour later you would not have a clue about the amount of rain we had. Took until midnight to get the power back on.