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Fitness Monday

Today I have completed both the SPR Monday ride on my bike and a good Crossfit session.

Did not fair as badly as I expected this morning on the ride and it didn’t effect me too much tonight at Crossfit. I manage to set a new 1 rep max for my dead lift. 115kg That is a 20kg improvement over my last attempt. Plus in the WOD I finally got my man boobs to fully touch the wall doing wall walks.

The beer I am drinking is well earned tonight.

Video by Blair

I’m Not A Duck

I am  not a duck and I do not go quack. The question though am I a quack. Possibly.

In my superior decision making skills I take three days off the bike mainly due to being lazy. However on a morning when the heavens open I clip in and proceed to pedal up my street progressively getting wetter.

By the time I got to Perth I was already well and truly soaked. No point turning back now.Got to the narrows a few minutes early just too get out of the rain. A turnout of 6 people for this mornings ride. Even Amanda turned up before ditching us for another woman. Glad I wasn’t stuck with Blair all on my own for the duration of the ride. Having no clear glasses at the moment I had no choice but to wear my sunnies. Talk about making a difficult ride even harder by lack of vision.

Despite the rain I actually had a good ride and felt pretty good on the bike. RR2 performed very well in the wet. I didn’t fall off :p