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Back to the Hills

After close to six months off I made my return to the Perth hills yesterday. On my old Oppy C5 at that. It is like getting back on an old fat ex girlfriend. So nothing enjoyable. My plan was not to set any times just get up the climbs. I managed to complete Welshpool and Mundaring Weir. However had nothing left in the tank to do Kalamunda but after such a break I was happy to have completed what I did.

Another Sunday another double header

I seem to be having trouble getting out of bed for the weekday rides but for some reason I manage to pull it off for the Sunday morning double header. Well at least the last two weeks.

Was not feeling very fresh and I suffered for most of the ride today. This mornings short hills ride consisted of Kahuna (Canning Mills Road East) and it hurt. I was it the red zone for most of the climb and I had a 28 tooth gear on the back due to the fact it was Carlos’s wheel. Even then I still was not happy. The thought of giving up crossed my mind but I knew I would not get back on so had to get through it.

By the time I reached the top my day was done. I was done.Still with a good 30 – 40 odd kms to go until home it was a matter of just get through it.