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Weekend in the Office

Our weekend was spent mostly in the office. Setting up my new desk frame and dismantling the old one.

Over a 6 hour job to get it all done. So far that is only Saturday.


Sunday we spent the day if the office working out the filing. But first Jenson had to have a nap on me.

Then things got messy under the new desk.

Then we are finally finished at 7:15pm on Sunday night. Time for Formula 1.

Positive weekend

Positive weekend apart from I have not been on the bike since Thursday morning. I am hanging out for Tuesday morning.

I got myself a job working casually at riverbank estate winery and had my first shift today. Of course I was awesome & so they have hired me. I’ve discovered tonight they don’t work weeknights so I am going to have to still find another job but will gain experience here.

I enjoyed it today. I wouldn’t call it stressful apart from learning everything in one day. I need to learn their menu and something about wine. It will come.

So overall a good weekend.