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Matilda 2013 – 2022

I don’t know where to start with this. If this is a eulogy or ramblings of a crazy person.

Last night the 9th January 2022 at about 22:25 Matilda crossed over to the rainbow bridge while in my hands.

She didn’t have a good day but never did we think this was going to be her last. She has been in the same state before but normally passes after a few hours. This time was not like the others. If anything she was getting worse. I took her to the vet around 18:30. The after hours vet gave her some pain relief and gave me instructions how to care for her through the night. We planned to return at 9am and see the bunny vets.

However things did not go well. She was heavily medicated and was not in any state that we could feed her. We though we would wait another couple hours until hopefully she was not so heavily medicated. While lying in be we heard a rare yelp from her. I jumped on the floor to help, however quickly realizing I was not going to be able to do anything for her. I believe this was her last ditch and she was saying goodbye. Within a minute my worst fears were realized and realized and I was holding a floppy Matilda in my hands. I put her to my ear but nothing, no heart beat, she was already gone.

Already knowing the situation I raced off back to the vet only to be told what I already knew. They brought her back so I could say my goodbye. I called Rhian via video so she could do the same.

To say I am heartbroken and at a loss to the suddenness of this loss is an understatement. I knew this day would come and even knew it was probably this year. However not today.

Matilda was my shadow. She loved my guts and I loved hers. If I was sick she would lay on her mat in the bedroom wait for me to get better.

She would be waiting for a treat before I leave on every ride. When I get home and walk through the door she would be in view or hanging around, looking for me to come through. Listening for the garage door. Soon as I am home she would remind me it’s treat time.

Matilda was a routine Nazi. If I am in the shower that means pellet time.
If I come home from a ride 99% of the time she hopped up the hallway to the to the bedroom and jumped on the bed waiting for her serving of pellets. That was the deal. I never agreed to it but I have given into the demand almost every time.

Pretty much everything was cause for a twiggies.
If I come home from being out, treat.
Going out, treat.
Dads on lunch break, treat
Going to bed , pellets and treat.
Come out of the office, treat.

I was never allowed to sit on the couch and eat without her just picking what she wanted and trying to eat it. Like my breakfast every morning. Sultana Bran. I have to put extra in my bowl because both Matilda and Molly just stuff there faces in and eat it. Matilda, would try anything I had. (even meat!) I gave up trying to stop them years ago. I rather bow down to my bunny overlords that get bitten by their front chompers.

Matilda always was adventurous and getting herself into trouble for it even up until just this Saturday. She got her front tooth stuck on the fence while trying to steal parsley from the garden. She would climb and jump onto anything. Jump off anything, even out of my hands. Often causing her to smack her face and crash to the floor which is were we believe her teeth issues came from.

I used to be able to literally call her and she would come running to me like an eager puppy. Not so much in here older years. Long as she knew I was looking she would play coy was one of her games, OR come bolting out from her hiding hole like “what you want dad? Got treats?”. If you don’t leave me be. Typical woman.

I am going to miss her never ending affection, bunny kisses, climbing over my back and sitting on my back until she got a treat. She even used to give me haircuts. Nibbling my hair until it was how she wanted it, or full. I’ll never know.

Rabbits do not make noise, Barely ever. When they do you know it’s serious. She never needed noise to communicate how she felt or what she wanted. It was her eyes and twitching nose that communicated what she wanted loudly.

Molly at this point still thinks she is at the vet I think. Matilda’s passing happened right in front of her. She knew she wasn’t right yesterday. I know she misses her and has spent only her first night ever without her blood sister.

We can never replace someone we have lost. However, Rhian and I will NEVER forget you Matilda. 9 years of your company was 100 years too little. Rest in peace my Miss Adventurous.