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Call it a warm-up but I am totally destroyed

This morning I completed the SPR Long Hills ride on the bike. Rain Hail or shine Geoffrey and I had to do this ride and everyone of its climbs. I am a little concerned that this is the last hills ride before the Three Dams Challenge next weekend. I actually earned points on all of the climbs this morning and was first to reach the top of Gooseberry Road.

Apparently I was meant to wait for everyone at the bottom so they could overtake me before the climb. However five climbs in one morning and having Gooseberry as the last I am nervous for next Sunday. I actually broke my heart rate record this morning. 183bpm at the top of Gooseberry Hill Rd. My normal max HR is 173 so I was well in the red zone today.

Katie went the wrong way an continued on along Mundaring Weir Road instead of taking the left hander towards the camel farm. I called out but didn’t want to chase her down. She did meet up with us again when we came but to Kalamunda.

We were missing a number of the regulars today that is why I managed to get points. But I will take them anyway I can.