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Another Sunday another double header

I seem to be having trouble getting out of bed for the weekday rides but for some reason I manage to pull it off for the Sunday morning double header. Well at least the last two weeks.

Was not feeling very fresh and I suffered for most of the ride today. This mornings short hills ride consisted of Kahuna (Canning Mills Road East) and it hurt. I was it the red zone for most of the climb and I had a 28 tooth gear on the back due to the fact it was Carlos’s wheel. Even then I still was not happy. The thought of giving up crossed my mind but I knew I would not get back on so had to get through it.

By the time I reached the top my day was done. I was done.Still with a good 30 – 40 odd kms to go until home it was a matter of just get through it.

Lazy Sunday

Another lazy sunday with no hills ride. I think I might just be able to manage a whole month with no Sunday hills ride. Some good news I am going to Bali in september with Sin for 10 days.

Currently she is looking for stuff for us too do while there. Seems I won’t be getting the whole time off the bike. One day she wants to do a Mountain Biking trek up some mountain. Bring it on. That would make me an international rider right 🙂

Other activities she wants to kill me. Like Sky Diving. No. I rather do the bungie jumping. She has also suggested a cooking class but I didn’t comment on that one.

Hmm not much else to tell at the moment so The End.