Geraldton-Greenough Midwest Show and Shine comp. Sunday 25th Sept

This weekend saw myself and Kylie off to Geralton for there Greenough Midwest show and shine competition. A group of roughly seven cars from the commodore car club made the 400km trip north on sunday morning to take part in the event.

The drive up was good. The convoy we travelled up with all had there heads screwed on and was not much traffic that needed overtaking.

Because we were awake so early (3am) the time of day always felt later and seemed to drag on. However for a country show the standard of some of the cars there was very very good. I can’t give the same comment for the announcer on the day. I know his voice and comments drove some of us right up the wall.

None of the club members took out any awards or trophys they all went to locals. The best exhaust is the one that annoyed me, Mitches (And Debs :)) VY was by far the most popular. As soon as the engine was started the people flocked to have a look and that was only when idling. Once Mitch stuck the right foot down all males faces lit up. Can’t beat the sound of a a v8 supercar coming out of a daily driver.

After the show finished and the awards were handed out most of the group headed back to Perth however Kylie and I had a room booked to stay the night. We were too buggered to make the trip back anyways.

Was a great day and worth getting the car cleaned and polished. Got some decent photos from the trip so well worth it.

Picks can be found on the link below and at

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