Christmas Holiday wrap

It has been a while since I posted on this thing. It was meant to be a news listing section but with all the talk about blogs lately I decided that it was time to change this from news to blog.

I have finally bought a TV. LCD TV of that. This made Kylies Christmas present easy. She then bought me the HDTV Set Top Box.

At the end of my first weeks holidays was my Birthday. Thank you to all you wankers that didn’t bother wishing me a happy Birthday. I will remember when yours comes around. Anyway it was the same as all the rest nothing special.

Two days later and it was Kylies 21st Birthday. Was not a big celebration as we did that at her party on the 2nd December. Then it was finally Christmas. This year was spent the same as every year. Plenty of booze and Lunch at Mum and Dads. Plenty of Gifts for all. I don’t want to see my credit card bill this month.

Since Kylie did not have any time off work between Christmas and New Years I was left to entertaining myself. Learnt the daytime TV Guide and filled the rest of my time in with some Playstation and riding.

New Years Eve. Only one offer this year to go to Brother Girlfriends place. Had a good night there. Brenton must have to because he was on the floor before 10:30 pm. Always will be a piker. He had his video camera rolling so he will be able to play back to himself what a fool he was being.

As for the last week it was spent like the second. Doing a lot of nothing. I did get some stuff done for myself but spent most of my time being a lazy bastard. But is that not what Holidays are for. So now with only one day to go before the year starts again I am sitting here in my house wondering what surprises and challenges will present themselves in 2007.

Only time will tell and you know where to keep up with all the action.

Chow for now.

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