Time for an update

Well its been a few weeks since I have posted anything so I figured its about time.

Not much good has happened over the last month or so. Kylies car was broken into right out side my front door. Window smashed dash smashed and for what. A couple boxing gloves and a few CD’s. Then less than two weeks after my car got broken into just out side my door again. Seems to be safer to park on the street. Police don’t care. They take an account of the incident over the phone and they consider there job done. Great to see taxes get put to great use.

Other hickup of the month was the discovery of a leak in my kitchen behind the fridge. At least because it is a shared pipe it was fixed at the strat companies expense. This also proved to be the cause of all the bugs constantly in my kitchen. Even though its been fixed and sealed for a couple of weeks. I have managed to get rid of a lot of the bugs but still seem to have a few hanging around. I may need to set one of those bug bombs off to get rid of every last one. I got a bad feeling the dirty old oven might be the cause why the few still hang around. Have never used it but I know its all yucky and do not want to touch it.

Good news is that my website has now been moved onto a newer faster machine. This so far has proved a good move with no downtime in almost a week. Has plenty of power now it seems for what it is doing. However more power is always better.

Eventually I will re-write this site all over again. If you have some suggestions as to what we can add then let me know.

Any ways for now this is all I can be bother writing. Kylie is going on holiday next week and I will tell her not to come back if she does not bring lots and lots of photos.

For now thats it so bugger off 🙂

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