Harcourts Ball

Saturday night was the Harcourts ball which I was invited by my girlfriend Kylie. This means I had to get dressed up. However I don’t have the sorts of clothes that people wear to go to an event like this. That is where Mumbo (As in happy feet AKA Penguin Formal Wear ) clothing come to the party. For a small fee they give you the cloths to look like a polar cap penguin.

The whole event seemed to be a EGO feast. A room of stingy real estate people with pockets full of cash. The reason why they are a bunch of stooges is because they had an auction event where they tried to raise money for some girl who is stuck in a wheel chair with some disease no one gets. The description of her disease was searched on Wikipedia I think. Would have been more effective having had the girl at the ball. Anyway of all the items they had all bids were less than the starting price. The highest I think was 5K. They make that in 10 minutes by selling someone’s letter box or door mat these days.

Anyway. The awards went well. One branch GBT’s which is North of the river I was told basically won every award on offer. They mind as well have called it the GBT’s awards ball. Apparently selling one home a week in todays market is hard. Can only guess that there are now too many agents. I say this because they send me the same junk mail every week. Wait until I can be bothered to find your email address and sign you up to every mailing list I can think of. See how YOU enjoy getting crap your not interested in.

Not as many good looking women at the ball as expected (because Kylie was already there). A lot of old people wearing Gold. Maybe Old people don’t hire young good looking staff because it makes them feel as old as they look. Sure a workplace agreement can fix that. You must become uglier than me or your fired. Anyway it was a better night than sitting at home watching football or some other re-run of a movie I don’t really want to watch. Give the night three out of five.

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