City of Perth Great Bike Ride 2008

Well the event has come and gone for yet another year. I would not have been able to complete a second lap even if I had wanted to. I don’t think I had the strength to make it up the massive hill on Johnson parade in Mosman Park. God that thing is a bitch. No It is. I actually though I was ahead of last years time when I was travelling back through to the freeway south. However I finished just shy of two hours. I flicked the time over on the computer as I pulled on the causeway and had just less than 5 minutes to reach the line. I knew I would make it but only just.

The causeway and riverside drive represented more of a river than a rode. Lots of water on the road and I got soaked. The last 400m was gruelling and painful.

There was only a light sprinkle of rain as I headed down the freeway but this was ok cooled me off.

One gripe I will bitch about this year are the snobby rich pricks who live around Mosman Park and Bicton I think. For only a few hours during a whole year they have a few thousand cyclists on there road and they get in their car and expect all the few thousand cyclist to get out of their way. You know what go to hell. Three years ago there were police on all these back roads helping keep these rude pricks out of the way. But the last couple years they are no where to be seen. I think next year shut down the road or get the cops back to get the cars outta the way.

Classic example was a station wagon that thought it was his right to drive through the cycle lane in south Perth cutting me right off. Like how many signs, witches hats and 100’s of riders does it take for drivers to realise there is an event on and to watch where they are going.

I guess the organisers can’t control everything but really. Management of traffic along the route (except for where there was actually traffic management personal) was the worst.

I raised a total of $15 this year. Mum Dad said they have donated but it doesn’t show. Ah well they piss most of the money away on parties for the organisers and volunteers anyway. All you get as a participant is the push to get them more money. I know its the point of the event but how come they don’t push for people to sponsors riders in the TV adverts. Ok it’s late and I have had my bitch so story over.

Oh yeah, I am going to Sydney next year to see Top Gear Live. Don’t know what that is then Google it.

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