Next act of stupidity

Well for my next act of stupidity I plan on taking on my hardest ride to date. Well I believe it will be. See the map below.

The overall distance from Home to Home will probably break that record I set last Sunday. However this is 50% through the hills. Out to Mundaring dam back down Greenmount and and across for one last torture test up Kalamunda Road. For those that are bored enough or hung over enough tomorrow morning you will be able to check on my progress via the two links below. (mobile version)

This should be up and working shortly after 7am and I have it set to update every three minutes. I’m not sure if it will last the whole ride because I am unsure how much battery life it will drain or how much data it will use.  should be very very little.

Was playing with this today and it seems to work so we will see how it goes.  I  am expecting to get dropped by the group. I hope not but if so I’ll just keep plugging on. I’m not set on any specific time or average speed only goal tomorrow is to finish. So time to finish my hot chocolate and go to bed.  Got a big morning ahead of me.

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