Spr Sunday ride 11/7/2010

Was a wetter ride than Saturday today. Was hoping Perth would be hit by a storm and get me off the hook but no such luck.

Checked the bom radar and there were clouds but nothing too bad. So outta bed quick bit of toast for breaky and a hot chocolate that I treasured. It was downhill from here.

Getting dressed into my kit that was still damp from yesterday. Out the door and towards Sth Perth I go. Same story as yesterday bike all dirty but felt slightly better.

Ele president didn’t show until after 7am. We rolled out and headed for the hills. Kalamunda rd the heavens opened and gave us a good shower. Looking at the hills I knew it was going to be poor conditions up there. Sure enough by the time I climbed kalamunda rd it was thick fog. Along canning road the group stuck together because you could not see more than 30m in front. We took it easy down lesmurdie road and down to welshpool road.

Short climb up the top half of welshpool road and as I crossed the crest heavens opened again and I was drenched again. This point Ivan went home while the rest of us went towards the 3rd climb. I was last up here again and the group were nice enough to let me have a drink and demolish a power bar.

At this point the group decided no way any of us wanted the do gooseberry hill and so we took a straight line approach to lesmuride rd.

On the descent I experienced a nasty wobble that made the bike feel like a bendy bus. Traveling 50kph and not waiting to hit the deck i calmly got on the brakes and pulled the speed back to around 20kph when the wobble stopped. Because this occurred on a bend I was on the wrong side of the road just but since it was clear wasn’t a major deal. Being a little worried of this happening again the steep downhill that i loved in the dry I gingerly cruised down knowing the run up to the 4th climb was not happening and with that saw the entire group disappear. Better to be safe than sorry.

Again the heavens opened all the way up. Could not see anything out of my glasses. Passing the walliston transfer station first place I knew where i was again.

Meet up with the group hiding under a tree. We made a short move to the peak servo and waited a few minutes for the rain to ease before again heading down Lesmurdie rd.

At the bottom of welshpool the rain had cleared and it was as if we were in a totally different environment. A cruisy ride back to sth Perth and it was dry.

After leaving the group and traveling home i got one last dumping of rain in east Perth.so much for drying out.

Pics of the bike when i got home below.

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