Solo river ride

Have not had the best week. Work has been testing. Clients being so so picky you want to punch them in the face. Nothing is ever good enough.

So instead of drinking home alone I got my Lycra on and jumped on the bike. The wind was strong this afternoon and a number of times it was really blowing me around.

I did the normal Tuesday SPR route around the river. Someone noticed me in Dalkeith but I didn’t catch who it was. I was traveling far too quickly and on a mission riding out my frustrations. Had a car sit on my wheel heading down to Mosman Park hill. But got a gap. Pussy couldn’t take speed humps as fast as me. Yet they had a 4WD.

After Freo I realized I had misjudged daylight a bit. I was still a good hour or more from home. I pressed on. Was almost dark by the time I reached Raffles. So started easing off a little.

Past The Windsor and wished I had been inside drinking. Two minutes later the back stepped out. Pulled over & realized I had a slow flat. A dude on a fixie stopped to help me change it in the dark. My spare tube also was punctured. Was a new tube. He gave me one of his and soon on my way again. However under brakes realized rear brake was not engaged. Quick flick of the latch and away towards home.

Got home around 830. Much later than planned. My rear wheel was not quite straight. Shit !!! All good. Loosened it and it fell into place.

Different Friday night but now relaxed so it did the job.

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