Time for an update

Well it was Easter when I last did a blog post and that was all about the SPR camp. It is about time I made a post about all that has been happening. There is so much to say so I will try and keep this short.

Cycling, Yes I am still doing this however my kilometres have been all over the place lately. This weekend I failed to get out of bed for either of the SPR group rides. Just too exhausted. Nothing special on that front though.

I left my job at Indepth around three weeks ago now and have had two weeks working in my new role at Spring Web Solutions. Pretty much the same role as before. The office is in Nedlands so I am having to get used to a 45+ minute commute in the car five days a week. Something I am not enjoying after so many years only living five minutes from the office. I also miss around nine hours a week sleep with my new routine. Getting up an hour early on a normal day and 0330 on a Tuesday and Thurday so I can get a ride in before work. Means packing up the car driving to work unpacking then riding. Working the day then packing all up and coming home again that night. I think that is why I have been exhausted this weekend. Hopefully I get used to it soon.

In other news Mum and Dad are on holidays in South Africa. They have gone with all the old APEX friends. I am sure they will have a good time and Mum will have her birthday while away. Same as dad had his 60th last year while away.

Some other recent news is my brother got engaged to his girlfriend Sarah. I didn’t see this coming but apparently dad had known about this for a while. They have set the date and changed it once already.

Well that is all the news I should really talk about at this stage so for now that is it.

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