Small Ring Tuesday but I took home the Gold

Typical small ring Tuesday. Got up feeling pretty average and within the first 300m of leaving work my sprint had died off and by 600m I wanted to go back to bed. By the time I got to 1km out the front of the Captain Stirling legs were on fire. This is the normal motions of rolling out at 0450.

Was setting a nice comfortabled pace in the mid 30s down Mounts Bay Rd. As I came around to the round about I backed off a little to rest up slightly before Spring St. Got the red light before which is always annoying. Approching the turn the arrow was green and I would up feeling like today was the day. Big ring and mid range gear 30 seconds of pain. Bam cleanly around the corner missing the hole and the cover swung to the right hand side of the lane stuff it. Up out of the seat and stamping on the pedals. I past the driveway to the building and still felt good so kicked again. I kind of knew I was in front. Approching the top I had that bit more to give but didn’t think I needed it. Reaching the top and making the turn I knew that was my best effort to date. In the space of only 200m I took my heart rate from 145bpm to 173bpm.

I didn’t have the same energy to light up Mosman Park hill this week but I did manage to pull a second PR on Preston Point Rd climb. Was at the front and John kicked and I didn’t feel like letting him go. One rider blew where I wanted to but I had enough to keep going. After cresting the top though I was done. Sat on the front for 2kms then pulled off back into the pack.

Lastly with the ride over I followed the group down the freeway relaxing. Wanting to pull off at the Narrows and head back to work. However that evil voice in my head told me I didn’t do the hills on Sunday. Punishment. I wasn’t keen. However Andrew lit my fuse. With the words of “Love The Pain” I was off. In my stupid highest gear I spun. I kept spinning in this retarded gear until the top. It was eaither have a heart attack or get to the top. Which ever came first was fine by me. I guess thankfully I reached the top before the heat attack.

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