Small ring Tuesday

After a tough workout at Crossfit last night I was not in the mood to do a lap of the river this morning. However 5 dams is fast approaching and I don’t think I have done a proper lap of the river all year.

I can’t remember when I last went up Mosman Park hill. Anyways, set off for a cruisy ride into the city. Once I got to the foreshore I realised how strong the wind was this morning. I did a sprint up Spring Street but from a standing start I stuffed my gear selection and was spinning with no real output.

Mosman Park was tough. I hate my Oppy it is so darn heavy. Plus the workout last night really had not left me with the energy. I got dropped shortly after Freo.  I stayed with a group of four who also dropped off and were in there big rings. Wasn’t going to have a slice of that but still overtook them. Burke Drive is so boring when there is no roll through.

Back to UCI Laps tomorrow. Need a good meal tonight.

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