Rome – Day 14

This morning we had to get up early as we have to depart for the Vatican at 7:15am. We got up and we were the first to be in the Topdeck Breakfast room again. We had breakfast with another Topdeck Tour group that was doing the Italian experence. Breakfast isn’t fancy pretty basic.

We said our goodbyes to some of the group as that was there last day. Many were catching flights that day. Bec the American was sad because she got along with a lot of people on this trip and she said it was the best group she has been on tour with. We lost about 17 people, some were staying at the hotel with us before others moved on to other hotels.

From our Hotel we caught the metro to the Vatican and had a short walk to meet our tour guide Mela she was Sweedish but had the looks of an Italian local. She was also 7months pregnant. She gave us our ear piece and radio so we could listen to her talk. We walked to the Vatican. Once we got there we had to find the line for entrance there were heaps of sights. However what we saw was nothing in the scheme of the number of things there is to see at the Vatican.

Some of the exhibits we saw that I can put a name to though are the Sistene Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, Hall Of Tapestries and also a Statute of a Torso that was foundthat was found being used as a leg for a table. There were lots more but I don’t know the names and can not find them. I’m sure Rhain took enough photos to work them out later.

After the Vatican we went and had pizza for lunch with a few people from our group. After lunch we then caught the Metro back to the Colosseum. Tickets were only $12 euro so we lined up for tickets. After getting in we had a quick look around. Took the photos we wanted and left. Everyone was too tired of tours do another one.

After the Colosseum we took the Metro back to our hoteland had a rest before dinner. Dinner was not included tonight so we organised dinner ourselves and went to a restraunt around the corner from the hotel. After dinner some went out bowling but Rhian and I went back to the room. I had the worst nights sleep ever. Woke up freezing then the extra rug I got out made me hot. Was not a fun night.


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