Last Day in Dubai – Day 45

Today was our last day in Dubai and tonight we were to fly out headed for home. We woke up about 0930 and just got organised in time to make it downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast we went back to our room and finished packing the suitcases and sealed them up for the flight home. We checked out of the hotel and lunchtime. We left our baggage in the locker room and had six hours to kill.

We left the hotel and walked across the road to The Mall Of The Emirates for the last time. We spent a couple hours walking around. We didn’t really have a plan or anything to do today just to kill time. We thought about going to a movie but nothing was on we really wanted to go see.

We came across a bowling ally on the top floor that we had not known about before. We ended up playing six games. I won two but I think Rhian let me. The first three she was kicking my ass. After bowling we went to find some food. I was not really hungry so I just picked at what Rhian got. We walked around the mall for a bit more until deciding there was just nothing left to do. We left the mall and walked across the road and back to the hotel.

We decided to kill what time we had left at the Huddle Sports Bar. This was the second bar at the hotel and this was open. We had not been here because every time we walked in it smelled of smoke. Anyway we went in and I had a couple of beers. Our driver arrived and we needed to get out bags out of the locker room. However the hotel had moved the bags and could not find them. Eventually they did and we caught our transfer to the airport.

Arriving at the airport I was busting and went straight for the toilet. After my pitstop Rhian and I checked inn and were happy to find our bags were under weight. We then went through immigration and security. For the first time I went through and my bag did not get pulled aside and searched. We walked around the terminal to kill some time. I bought an adapter for the plane so I could use my own headphone and also bought a Google Chromecast. You plug it into the HDMI on your TV and then it becomes a smart TV. Wanted it for the bedroom TV.

I got changed into my jeans for the flight home. We boarded the flight at 9pm but because of air traffic we did not depart until 10:15pm. Neither of us slept on the flight. We landed back in Perth at 12:30pm. It took a long time to get through immergration because they are doing renovations and no smart gates were open. Land in Perth and you go back 50 years in time. Mum and Dad picked us up and drove us back to their place to get my car. The car was still having battery troubles but it did start.

We left for home. Excited to get home and see the bunnies. I parked the car outside the garage so I could unload. Linda was not home. We found the bunnies out of the cage running around. My first glimps was. OMG. They have grown. They are at least half the size more than they were. Little fatty boom ba’s now. Rhian chased the bunnies while I unloaded the car. When I tried to bring the car into the garage it didn’t want to start. It did with some encouragement. After getting it into the garage I called the RAC to come and replace it. The rest of the night was spent cleaning up and sorting out the bunnies. Unpacking can wait until tomorrow.

That is it we are home and the holiday is over. Not looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday. I want to stay on holidays for ever.




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