If dad is allowed to send out an email I am allowed to quote the mass mailout he just sent.


Now that mum and dad are fed we would like to introduce Max Roley Rzepecki. Evicted=5.02pm today Saturday 31/5/14 (finally) weighing in @ 7lb 6oz, top to toe 53cms. Mum did amazing after a long time waiting.

I the GRUMPY OLD BUGGAR and please to announce that Sarah and Brenton have been blessed with a little boy and that makes Dianne and myself Grandparents and Nathan an Uncle.

I have no other details other than to say he poked his head out at 5.02pm after mum was in hospital from yesterday.

Full statistics will be published when they are available and to my employers and friends, If I get *issed TOO BAD and the drinks are on me. Call and we will arrange a place to consume the drinks.

Stop press He was 3.37KG and from a photo I have just seen he is a hairy little fella with no name yet. Potential Eagle in 2031

Ok Talk to you again

Dianne and Murray
Grandma and Grandpa

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