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BWA 5dams offical result


That is my offical result but after going through all my garmin data and stuff I think its almost an hour off. I didn’t manually stop and start the garmin all day so have to go with the record thats is best and this is it. 09:38:05

Data for my garmin below but 9:04:33 was from home not from the start. So take of 30 minutes. Ah well I don’t care I finished.

Time 09:04:33
Elapsed Time 10:58:27

5 Dams training starts from tomorrow.

Tomorrow I start committing to my training for 5 dams. I am posting this because then I have dobbed myself in. If I am not at a ride you are to abuse me.

If anyone wants to be my training buddy and make me responsible for getting out of bed then please step forward. I plan on doing lots of laps of the Kings Park UCI circuit.

I mainly want to stick to doing laps of Kings Park but I also want to do a couple repeats of Mount St. If I don’t post up a ride I want to be put down. I have to get out of my rutt and I must get back on the bike.