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SPR Easter Camp 2011 Day 4

Last night it was decided we would have a little bit of a sleep in and not leave till around 0730 on the shortened morning ride. We were planning on riding to Augusta and back but it was decided we would half the ride and just do a short route so we could get back pack-up and leave at a decent time. Well this was the plan. I think all riders except Jordan kitted up for the last ride today.

I rinsed out my kit the day before so was having to wear it still damp. Just what you want on a morning down south. Ronny went down to the driveway to let the South West guys know we had planned on leaving a little later so come hang in The Shed while the rest got themselves together.

After finally all assembling we headed out down Caves Road and down to Wallcliff Rd. I was on the front down the descent as we road in pairs. Once doing a lap of the round about we headed back the way we came. Today I must have been feeling good because without meaning to I took off up the hill and once I reached the top and looked back had pulled a large gap and soft peddled waiting for the rest. Ronny made mention of my efforts here later in the ride.

After this climb we headed back to Caves Rd and down until we got to Boodjidup Rd. This was a descent climb and I was feeling good for this one pegging a few people back as I worked my way up the top. After this climb was a short trip to coffee. Was odd doing only like 34kms before stopping but of well. After coffee we made our way back to camp and one more trip down Ellenbrook Rd. Here a group went well off the front on a smash fest. I missed the jump and probably couldn’t hold it this morning. I hung back and lent a wheel to a couple of the girls but they dropped back again. One however was trying to catch me up so I toyed with her letting her gain a little then pulled the gap open again. Apparently she chicked me earlier but I don’t recall. I think this debate will continue for a while. Turning into the farms driveway for the last time that was the weekend done. 329kms for the weekend not a bad effort.

After getting back to camp it was a matter of a quick shower then re-packing all our gear into cars and heading home. I really enjoyed the weekend and hope the event is held again next year so we can do it all over again.

SPR Easter Camp 2011 Day 2

Day two and I slept in half an hour longer than I had planned to. Awoke to a buzz of riders mostly up eating breakfast getting into kit and all sorts of other morning rituals. Jamie was still asleep and I thought it would be entertaining to see how long it would last before he woke up. I got out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen to make my normal peanut butter on toast.

After quickly dealing with breakfast and washing up I got myself kitted up. After a brief walk outside I soon decied that arm and leg warmers were a must along with the wind vest. Yes us city slickers are soft. A little later than expected but we all managed to assemble out on the driveway and soon enough we were rolling. I am winging this because the truth is I don’t have a clue where we went and I don’t have internet access so I can’t upload my ride to Strava and tell you. The ride was around 106kms long. As like yesterday was great to be out of Perth. Riding along roads that we have not done before. Scenery that we don’t get in Perth. The roads down here on the whole are pretty good. We made our way to Eagle Bay I believe where I needed to adjust my rear brakes because they were vibrating.

We stopped at Dome in Dunsborough where we took over the outside of the place. I think the locals thought we were local because we went to Dome with our kit covered in Dome. The service here was actually pretty good and fast. After refueling we all got back on the bikes and headed out of town. Took a few kilometers to get the group all together and also get our follow car back in position behind us.

After this a small hill was soon upon us before passinging through what I will call a residential type of area. Nice smooth roads around here and a good pace. Really enjoyed this section. After what seemed like a long time we eventually turned back onto Caves Road. And this is where the pace really picked up and a bunch went of the front. I tried to catch and get on it but just couldn’t catch it. Jordan, I and one other eventually worked as a team taking turns on the front. Averaging around 43.5 kph I think. Was very glad to see the drive to camp appear on the road.

Once arriving back the shed was a hive of activity again. People showering and having lunch. I eventually managed to get a spot in the shower and washed up. I headed into town to pick up a few things before returning to camp. Howver on return the place had almost been abandoned. Many had gone off to do there own thing and only a handful remained. I ended up cleaning and servicing the bike this afternoon just before the rain came across. Rest of the afternoon has beren spent just relaxing. So tired. I think I will sleep well tonight. Looking forward to tomorrows ride.Another 100kms lays ahead of us. Bring it on!!!!

SPR Easter Camp 2011 Day 1

Well the day kind of started the day before. That being Thursday night. Finished work at 5pm and then headed straight to Woolworths to do food shopping, stocking up for the next few days away. After an hour and a couple of phone calls to my helpful mum I was not really any better off than I was when I arrived, just $150 worse off on the credit card.

After getting home and unpacking the car was in dire need of a wash. So that took up the next two hours cleaning the car and fitting the car-bra for the drive down in the morning. By now it was 9pm all I wanted to do was go to be and sleep. Not likely. I had to organise all I needed to take with me the next day. So for the next three hours I ran around my small home virtually working out how to take everything with me. One bag packed with all the riding kit I own. Another with clothes to wear while not on the bike. Then food. This was interesting. Anyways story short after getting all I thought I would need in some kind of order it was after midnight and I also had a couple of unexpected visitors to add to the equation.

0715 and the alarm went off. I was excited but just wanted to sleep. No time. I had to slowly wake the sleeping dead visitors (who came to help back but only passed out) and work out a way to get half my house packed away in the car. This was a huge challenge. By the time I got all I had planned to take I was like. How was I going to fit everything if Jamie is planning to bring just as much as me. Eventually I just gave up and thought will have to find a way. Luckly once arriving at Jamies all he had was a small suitcase, his bike and a small esky.

This was easy to fit in the car. So we were away by 0930.The trip down was un-eventful and we arrived at the camp around 1230. Bikes were nice and safe in the back seat of the car. did not move an inch on the whole trip down. After unpacking the car and picking out a bed Jamie and I took a drive to Margaret River to find a bakery and some lunch. It was this point I worked out the one thing I had forgotten to bring. My power bars and gels I had stocked up on. I bought a couple that were close to it and will have to do for tomorrow.

When we got back to the camp El President was only just arriving and the others were getting ready to head out for the afternoon ride. Scrambling to get ready both Jamie and I seemed to get ourselves organised and headed out the front with the rest of the crew. We rode with members of the South West Cycle club who were going to lead the way. Was a great afternoon ride. Some nice downhill. Some nice uphill sections and just different country side. Due to the fact we were out on country roads we have Paul dedicating himself to being the follow car for the weekend. Both being there if we need anything and slowing up traffic behind us. A luxury that would probably see him get rammed if we were in Perth. But down here drivers seem to be patient and appear to give us room. We also look very pro with a car shadowing us 🙂 Very cool.

After around 61kms we arrived back at the camp after a great ride and great first day. Everyone one had managed to feed themselves. Some better than others. I think tomorrow night and Sunday I will just go into town for dinner will be so much easier. Sitting here now writing this some have got their kids to bed others still working on that while some of the adults are sitting around talking shop.

That is all I have to say for the first day of the easter camp. Soon I think it might be time for bed.