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Maybe I should have stayed in bed

Maybe today would have been better if I just stayed in bed. But being the fool I am I stayed up to watch Skins and Entourage on SBS last night leaving just over four hours sleep before getting up for the Tuesday ride.

When the alarm went of I checked the radar and there was a little rain around but not too bad so up I got. Progressing up the street did not take long for the first drops of water to start flicking in my face and coating the bike in crap. No on my ride to the narrows today but was damp. The clouds did look a little evil. Must have been a full moon it seemed lighter than normal.

Around twenty or so riders showed up this morning however we left a little late because Peter was dragging his feet rocking up. Cruising down Mounts Bay Road I finally got my shoes full of water from the spray. By the time we got to Sunset hospital it did start to rain and i got a push up the rise from Peter but my efforts to keep up with the group were pointless. Kinda zig zagging around to keep the wheel.

Once the group turned onto Stirling Hwy I fell off the back. They slowed down a little up the rise and I got close and thanks to a car on the round about at Bindaring Drv I got back on the end of the group for the descent. Was cautious because it was wet and I didn’t want to kiss the road. My friend Mosman Park hill was not as good to me as Saturday but better than in the past. Even pegged back Lennie just before the crest this week. Rolled past Darryl on Bay View Tce who then grabbed onto my wheel up to the regroup at the water tower.

Continued to struggle keeping on the end of the group until the turn up Preston Point Rd where Shut Up Legs took effect and I gained back a few places up to the top of the rise and try to keep it going down the flats. This renewed strength only lasted until Burke Drv where I was again dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Stayed along side Lennie for the ride down Fraser Rd where again I was dropped on the rise. I almost could not slow down on the turn at the top of the hill brakes were far too wet. Made my own way around to the Raflfles wishing I didn’t have another 45 minutes to ride home. I took a bit over 35 minutes or so to get from South Perth to home as I just didn’t have anything left. Legs you failed me today shame on you.

Time: 02:32:58
Distance: 71.02 km
Calories: 2,563 C
Avg Speed: 27.9 km/h

SPR Saturday Ride 10/7/2010

By Nathan Rzepecki

As I walked out the door without my wind jacket I quickly decided this would be a bad move and went back inside and got it. This proved to be the smartest thing I did all morning. Was a wet morning, not from rain but the rain that had already fallen had covered every square cm of earth in water. By the time I made my way from home to Coode street the bike was covered in sand and other gunk.

At the carpark Blair was already doing laps and a couple others were hiding in cars. Lenny soon rolled up so that made three. Few other dedicated people like Steven and Peter rolled in. About 7:05am and was not enough to make five groups. Surprise, so Peter decided we would all do the main group ride. So I reset the Garmin then realising it was already correct. Oh well.

We rolled out of the car park and must have picked up a few others on the way down Mill Point Rd. When my turn came on the front I seemed to blow up in not too long and pulled off and fell to the back. Peter suggested I should go get a bike fitting done. His not the first to suggest this recently so I think its something I am going to need to organise for next Saturday. We navigated our way round the route and up Cresswell Rd. Nice short hill. Pushed heart rate to a new max of 176 here and felt it by the top.

This area always seems to get a little fuzzy on directions and Peter yelled out to check the map a couple times. The group managed to follow the route to Herdsman Lake. The pace picked up around here and Steven and I both got dropped. We were still rolling over 30kph trying to keep 35kph but just couldn’t hold it. Steven blames his age I said I’m just weak.

Peter had dropped back and said the rest were waiting at the round about. Yes they were but wasn’t stopping here. Kept rolling they can catch me now. Peter joined me up front and we lead the group through Shenton Park and Claremont. Yuppies are getting a David Jones on East Tce.

Got over taken rolling past the Tennis courts in Dalkeith but grabbed Peters wheel and held it until the top of the rise after the tennis courts and decided to drop back. Fell to the back and just gave myself a short 5 second rest and the pack had pulled 50m already. I was like What the… Got back onto the rear again by the time we turned right at the Uni. At the lights onto Mounts Bay Rd pulled up next to Shaw to say hi as Peter said no sprinting today because of the weather. Group kept together and got a good tow at the rear. 🙂

While the rest ran to the counter to order a coffee Shaw Jamie Blair and I talked trash outside. Was an ok ride not cold just wet and sandy.