CCCWA Navigation run March 2005

Monday 8th March 2005 saw the Commodore Car Club of WA have their first Navigation run for 2005. Roughly 20 cars entered the event. Our car consisted of myself, Kim and Jason.

While everyone else was in a hurry to get away we sat at the back and just took our time exiting the car park. After taking a couple of laps around the block to find questions we had already missed we were well and truly on our way.

Our team, Team Lionslair took a slow and steady approach to the event, trying not to miss any of the questions and a few we spent a long time on and for no result. Apart from that we all had a great time.

Our overall result was 10th out of 20 so we ended around half way. I think some large bribes must have been handed out because a team caught cheating still came in the top three 😡

Overall it was a great day and I look forward to the next on already.

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