MC Motorsport

Sunday the 17th of April saw the CCCWA go out to the MC Motorsport Track at the airport for some fun and frivolity.

It was an untimed day, due to the lateness of our entries for CAMS licences. (sorry Mitch we will apply earlier next time…….promise) Being an untimed day, there was a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone had a chance to test out their driving skills and test the limits of their cars.

Overall 20 people competed and there were 5 ladies who entered the day and had received congratulatory medals from the venue for participating.

After the MC’s event some of us went to Captain Munchies for a re-group, then had lunch at Red Rooster in Bullcreek. From Bullcreek, we drove straight up the freeway to the helipad, so we could join up with a Sunday Afternoon cruise.

The cruise was good (until I was stopped by the police……I was let go with a warning) it went from the Helipad to Scab’s, Captain Munchies (again) and then down to Rockingham. We ended the day with Dinner at Hungry Jacks at the end of the freeway and went our own way home from there. Overall, it was a great day driving and I look forward to the next one.

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