Sadie sizzles at the motorplex

Why take your car to the motorplex Some say its a waste of time and money, I say if you have the urge then you cant go past it. Its fun, you meet people who have the same interest you do and most of all you get to fill your need for speed. Mitchell Larner owns a VYSS and over the last year has taken up drag racing almost on a professional level, he enjoys it, he encourages it, he now holds the position of Motorsport director in the CCCWA and would like to encourage all you young guys out there to use your cars in the best way possible if you get biten by the speed bug take yourself to the motorplex. If you want to speak or need advice on how to go about whoop ass wednesdays, fast fridays or full blown drag meetings then contact him during business hours on this number (08) 9388 0250

If your interested in the Commodore Car Club of Wa then contact us on the above number as well. There is lots of action happening inside the club over the next few months and you dont have to own a commodore to join. Join the forum at and meet some of the members on line.

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