V8 Supercars 8-5-2005

This weekend saw the third round of the V8 supercars in Perth. After a late night at my Brothers 21st birthday I was up two and a half hours later to meet John from work and drive out to the track. What was meant to take us one hour only took half an hour so we didn’t do too bad on time compared to other years I have been.

So we arrived at the track around 6.30am A little early for me but I should be used to it these days. Myself and John had a look in the HRT tent where we would be spending the day. Nice facility. Better than the bank on the other side of the track I have been in the past.

We saw a great days racing from both the V8 supercars and the Biante Historic Touring cars. Wasn’t as many birds as in Adelaide but still got a photo with one. See how much flack I cop for this one from the guys at work.

Click on the link below to see some more pictures.

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