Australia Day 2006 – Perth WA

Well yesterday was Australia day. The one day of the year that thousands of families gather around the swan river with there BBQ’s and beer relaxing in the warm Australian sun.

Australia Day is a day where everyone is called mate and girls should be dressed in nothing more than the Aussie flag. However there are a few that should definately wear more.

My Australia day started off at home with my parents and there assortment of friends. This was a special occasions as our family friends the Clarkes became official Australian citizens on this day. Cherry celebrated by arriving in a Kangaroo outfit while Barry was happy to just wear his Koala mask.

After having lunch I headed down to the South Perth foreshore to join all my hundreds of mates (As mentioned above) to watch the lotto West Skyworks. Now I didn’t take any photos of the fireworks because my camera doesn’t take very good night photos or I don’t know how to take them.

However the fireworks were great and the atmosphere was electric. I can only wait for next year.

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