CCCWA nav run

Last weekend being a long weekend in WA I dragged my parents out in my old mans Monaro to par take in the Commodore Car Club navigational run.

It was good to take the folks to a cccwa event as they have to opinion that all we do is drive our cars around and get into trouble. I think they now have more of an insight to what the club is about.

The next task will be to get the old man to take the Monaro to MC’s one day. Teach him how to drive the thing.

Results are as follows.

1st – Team Rice (Mark, Melissa and Brock) – 94 points
2nd – Team PPE (Steve, KC, Lenny, Bobo) – 93 points
3rd – Team Burnout (Rhys, TJ, Owain) – 92 points
Team Lost (Don, Phill) – 85
Team VT (Rick, Nick, Adrianna, Brooke) – 83.5
Team G-Spot (Bubbles, VX_Cinnibar, Chups) – 80.5
Team Lionslair (Nathan, Kylie, Murray, Dianne) – 80
Team SS Wagon (Jacqui, Doug, Scott) – 80
Team Rental (John, Leanne, Byron) – 77
Team Michael and Chad – 76
Team Charlie and Sophie – 71.5
Team King (Rex, Wayne, Michelle) – 71.5
Team Dema – 68.5
Team Unknown (Knuckles, VS_Clubsport) – 61.5
Team CBF (Dave, Reece, Russell, Johnna) – 49 (was 89 but points lost)
Team White VT’s (Jayanne, Bianca, Jess, Matthew, Sammy) – 46.5

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