Hong Kong Trip – Day 8

Well after writing my entry last night and going to bed I failed to fall asleep until after 3am. There was a lighting storm in Hong Kong last night that went for most of the night and kept me awake.

However, Today Bev and I were up early as today was the day that we headed of to Dong Guan in China to visit the Autoart factory. This is a day I have been looking forward to for most of the trip.

We caught the 9:25am Train from Hong Kong station to Dong Guan which is roughly a 1 hour train ride. Their countryside changes from High Rise apartments to rice fields set on the side of very steep hills. A lot of rain had fallen over night and on our way into Dong Guan Station we saw the rain had flooded many roads and districts.

Franco from Autoart was delayed by about an hour picking us up from the train station due to the flooding in the city CBD district. Once picking Bev and I up from the train station we were taken to a very nice restaurant at a new Hotel in the center of CBD.

This is the second serving of chinese styled cooking and I still prefer the basic Chinese we get back in Australia compared to what they serve over here. But hey it

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