Hong Kong Trip – Day 7

Well today was another day equally as good if not better than yesterday. Hard to top a helicopter ride but Disneyland comes pretty close. We caught the train from the station downstairs to the Disneyland station interchange.

Bev and I arrived at Disneyland at around noon. The train that takes you from the main line up to the Disneyland theme park has its own special train. It is themed with Micky Mouse shaped windows. Once you arrive at the Disneyland station it is a short walk to the entrance gates.

Bev and I had lunch at the Corner Cafe on Main Street within Disneyland Park. The food was very good and very well priced considering where we were. They also make a very good iced coffee. After lunch Bev and I began to explore the venue further. The jewelery shop had items for sale that cost a quarter the price of my house I just bought. Very expensive.

We caught the Disneyland train for a lap of the park so that we could see all attractions, which we were to visit. The venue is not as big as some of the others but they have packed a decent number of attractions and activities to fill a good half or full days entertainment.

We went on a number of rides at the park one being the Space Mountain. This was an indoor roller coaster that was entirely within a large building. The entire place is pitch black and all you can see are lots and lots of small fairy lights, which are meant to be stars. The ride takes you up and around planets and hurtling down and around all these stars out in space. Was great fun. Lots of sharp banked corners and being completely in the dark you don’t know what direction you are going to go next. This was my favorite ride of the day.

Another great attraction Bev and I went to see was the Mickey

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