Hong Kong Trip – Day 10

Well this is almost the end of the trip. I am now in the Qantas lounge at Hong Kong International airport.

Today I didn’t get out of bed until 10am. However I didn’t get to sleep until after 2am again.

After having a quick shower I began to pack my bag. I needed to go downstairs to purchase another suitcase which I did. This was cheap but I hope it withstands International travel.

Around 1pm I think Bev and I headed to Knutsford street where we had lunch at a nice cafe. We had a three course lunch which was very well priced. Will have to remember to go there if I come back here again.

Our plan was to go to Victoria Peak but the weather fast closed in and the rain began to close in again. Instead we searched the shops for the memory bank unit Bev wanted for her digital camera. We eventually found one however had to go back to Mon Kok to collect it.

We arrive back at the apartment just after 6pm. After having a quick shower and locking up the suitcases we headed then took the luggage downstairs to the city check in.

Once having checked-in Bev and I went back to the Clubhouse at Harbor Side for dinner. Was very nice food however was still full from lunch so I could not finish it.

After a quick stop back at the apartment to turn items off and pick up our hand luggage we then caught the Airport Express train to Hong Kong International Airport and here I am.

I am ready for the flight home and look forward to seeing family and friends again. See you all when I get home. Good night from Hong Kong.

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