Settling in

Well I have moved in a couple months ago now. My couch has finally arrived. Red three seater. I have found the part I need for my washing machine. My father came over on Sunday and helped me install it. I have not tried it out yet but I am hoping that the connection to the pump does not leak. Time will tell.

I thought I would be eating nothing but crap food but I don’t think I am doing all bad. Slowly learning how to prepair something half decent.

Tonights efforts can be found in the picture to this article. There is not much news to tell. I am hoping my car stays together. The car is running fine however the body work just keeps getting worse. My rear spoiler decided to fall off last week. Has tape holding it on at the moment.

Hopefully I can get that fixed at a later date. Anyway for now thats all I can think of dribbling about.

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