SPR 200km challenge

This is taken from the latest spr blog entry.only a few weeks away if this does go ahead.if i decided i will do this wont be skipping anymore rides. Hmm maybe take the following day off work too.

200km challenge – i have been throwing this idea around for a while and have decided to just go with it. the weekend after the tour (1st aug) instead of the normal sunday hills ride we will be doing a 200km challenge. this basically involves 4 laps of the tuesday river route. there will be rules in place and it is not a race or even a participation race. the group will stick together and look after the weaker riders on each lap. however, if you are struggling on a lap, you are expected to retire at the end of that lap. this doesn’t mean you can’t keep going (as it is public roads) just that the group will no longer be looking after you. anyway, mark it in your diaries and keep en eye out for more info.

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5 thoughts on “SPR 200km challenge

  1. Bang up for this. Seeing the popularity of the cyclo-sportif rides, I’d imagine that there will be a number of keen punters from SPR 🙂

    1. This will take me at least 6 hours to complete I reckon. Four times up mosman park.will make city of Perth great bike ride seem like nothing.this ride could pick up momentum

  2. This has now been moved to the 8th August. Start time for 200km ride will be 6am and we will stop after two laps to take on food and top up water bottles. more details to come

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