SPR Thursday ride 22/7/2010

Finally managed to get out for my first Thursday ride for this month. Disappointing. First two weeks were because I was just lazy. Last week is a better excuse having blacked out and whacked the back of my head in the bathroom. I don’t think any fellow riders wanted me spraying them with blood. So that was last week out. Knowing that Thursday morning is a little tougher than the Tuesday rides was wondering how long I would take to get dropped.

However I managed to hand on today. Except for the sprint point. Got a bit over 40km/h and was out of rhythm. I knew Jordan was behind me and would want to go for it so peeled off the right. Turns out he was about to make a move to overtake so luckily we didn’t touch wheels. My mother did not want to be called for a second week in a row.

Avg Speed: 29.1 km/h
Time: 02:27:54
Distance: 71.62 km

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