My first real crash on the bike

This morning has not turned out the way I expected this weekend to be. I have just had my first experience crashing my bike at a decent speed. In terms of health I have got away lightly but as I write this I am shaking like a leaf and am in a bit of pain.

The term “Crashing on a bicycle is like jumping out of a moving car in your underwear” it is true. Hence why I’m bleeding again. We were about half way through the ride and at the farthest point from the start when during the roll through along ravenswood drive I looked right and behind me because no one seemed to be coming past and I was going to pull out. Had just done a turn on the front with Shaw all the way up Grand Prom and was still feeling good. Actually so far on the ride I had been feeling strong and was at this point feeling confident for tomorrow.

Anyways looked right and gap was big. Looked forward and the line had closed up and I was on Tristan wheel and no where to go it was too late. Touched wheels and was going down. I was caught on his gears with my front wheel and first thought was I didn’t want to take him down. I got free but then I think I was touched on my rear and at at this stage I saw the road approaching fast as I was preparing to hit the black stuff. Once sliding along the road I had another rider land on top of me but my first thing I felt was my hip it was sore and I wanted to know I could move I just had to.

I unclipped my other foot and just stumbled off the road leaving the bike there and the other rider. Something I feel very guilty for now. I was hurting a lot at this point and just wanted to know I was ok. I went to the bus stop and back to a letter box. I knew I had no broken bones because I could walk. By now other riders had stopped and come back to help.

My kit is torn up and bike is busted. But the best thing I appreciate about SPR is no one is left on there own. Shaw, Geoffery and Tristan stayed with me until I got picked up. The lady whose house we stopped in front of was more than helpful even brought us tea while we waited for my brother. I will go back with a box of chocolates or something later to say thank you.

Ok I got to deal with this bleeding bye.

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