A lot of training, will it be worth it?

This Sunday will be the 5th and final race in the SPR / RCCC critrium series. My aim in this final race is to finish. I have come close once but was lapped on the 30th minute. In order to get past this barrier a lot of training was needed.

Six weeks ago my 300kms weekly target went out the window and 400km became the new benchmark. In a perfect world you would get up at 0410 every morning. However after two or three days in a row this becomes too hard.

So far I have covered 2,133.73kms and I still have three more days up my sleve. Worst case senario is that all the fast guys enter C grade and I am lapped and forced to stop. Only time will tell but I am confident I should be able to crack it this time and finally make it to the end.


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