Failure is not an option

Well it is almost time. Tomorrow is the 5th and final race and I have done all I can in preparation. Below are some of the stats I have built for this event.

  • I have completed 2,388.14 kms since the 20th Feb 2011
  • Spent 80 hours on the bike
  • Climbed 14,262 meters into the sky

All this effort for an event that will last no more than 35 minutes. Sounds easy. Wrong. If it was I would not have put in all this. So as has happened in the past. Getting lapped and dropping out is not an option. This time I AM GOING TO FINISH even if it kills me.

Event takes place at Broady Hall Drive, Technology Park Bently from 8am. Will write a post tomorrow telling how I went.

Prepared and ready to race

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