We have arrive in Europe

Rhian and I have arrived in Europe. After almost 30 hours travelling we arrived in London last night. We both managed to avoid not opening the door of the plane and jumping out. Me especially.

Our flight from Perth to Dubai was around 12 hours. Upon landing in Dubai we had to run to the gate for our connecting flight to London. We had 20 minutes to find the gate and get in line. I was worried our luggage would not make the connection but it did. We actually were running through the terminal.

Onced we got to London we had about an hour wait in the line for immigration.  Once we got to the front we passed through with no dramas. Next we tried to get my data sim working on the tablet. The Sim had signal but no data. After close to an hour we gave up and used the airport wifi to find a google map of the train station and the hotel.

The train network in London is old but at least they come real quick. We took a couple of wrong trains but with local help managed to get to where we wanted to go. After finding our hotel we tried to get the tablet working again and gave up.

Our efforts today were also in vein. I had access to only the t-mobile website and nothing else. Without the google translate I could not work out what to do. Same with the phone calls. No english.

We got onto our bus tour today and caught the ferry over to France. Both Rhian and I got our bags searched at customs. No dramas.

We have been to dinner with our group tonight and both Rhain and I ate snail. Was actually ok. We then took a drive around Paris. Saw some of the sites we will go back and see tomorrow. We are now in the hotel using the wifi to write this quick post.

I really need to go to sleeps so will leave this here for now and write a better post later.

PS spelling is probably crap. I’m tired and just trying to post something.

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