RIP Cheri Rzepecki

Today we lost one of the family. Cheri the family dog passed away this morning. She had a good 15 year run. She almost made it is 16 years old.

She was always dads dog. The only person who really mattered to her was Murray. He he got up she would follow. If he was at work she would be waiting at the door for him to get home. Me on the other hand she would only like when no one else was around. I was her last resort. Deep down she loved me.

Her days of running around being a dog were long gone. The last few years she has not been herself. She was in old age care and list of problems were endless. She was no longer a happy puppy and knew her time was up.

I will remember her best when she was young and playful. Even her adult years she did many funny things. In her old age all she did is sleep and eat. Cheri was one of a kind and will be missed.

The last time she was semi normal was when Rhian and I looked after her for a week earlier this year. Cheri was locked in the house all day while we were at work. She did not Shit or piss inside. not once. She was a good girl. That week was the last time she was her old age self or a memory of it.

I am glad I got to say good bye before I came to europe. I had a strong feeling it would be the last time i saw you.For the record she was not interested in the attention. I wasn’t dad. Dad was asleep so she didn’t even move.

Good bye Cheri.



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