Engleberg to Florance – Day 12

Today was an early start as we had a long drive day on the bus. The alarm went off at 6am. Enough time to get organised packed have breakfast and bags to bus. We made our way from Engleberg to the Italian border. During the bus leg back through the 17km tunnelĀ  Kristi though a good bus game was to have some talk about tunnels for the entire 17km. Bec got up and told a story which made no sense but it is safe to say the end of the tunnel could not come quick enough.

Yesterday I almost had my first encounter with the bus toilet but I managed to hold off until we reached the autogrill which was our lunch stop. After our lunch stop our tour guide began telling us the history of Italy and how it came to be. Within half an hour of Florance we made a detour to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We had around 50 minutes here so we used the toilets that cost us $0.50 euro and took the typical photos with the leaning tower.

After the short bus trip from the tower to Florance we checked into the hotel. In Florance this weekend is the UCI World Cycling championships for all discipline . I only wish we were staying tomorrow then I could watch it. Unfortuantly we are leaving around lunch time.

After having a quick shower then we walked to the restraunt for dinner. Being Italian entree was cold meats and bruchetta with red wine. Main was spagetti bolagense with more red wine. Most of the tour group went out to karoke but Rhian and I went back to the room and too bed. Rhain was too tired to do anything.



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