Engleberg – Day 11

Woke up little late and breakfast was already open. Quickly chucked on some clothes and ran down stairs still half asleep.After breakfast came back to the room showered and got ready to go up the mountain. Nine people from the group went paragliding. I wanted to do this but was a little expensive. Just the gondala ride was $140 franks for both Rhian and I.

After getting organised we meetup with Bec, Cathi, Kelvin in the lobby. We headed into town looking for a store to buy bennies and gloves to go up the mountain with. After checking a couple stores we found the cheapest place where I also found a fridge magnet to add to the collection. After our purchases we went to a cafe for Hot Chocolate. Now everyone was fed and warm we went back to the hotel for a short pitstop.

We walked from the hotel to the Gondala station which was just a few hundred meters from our hotel. We took some photos on the bridge crossing the snow filled stream that passes right by the town.

We had a group of 8 at this stage so we split into two cars for the first leg up the mountain in the gondala. We took a lot of photos on the first leg. In a padock below were a flock of cows all which had cow bells. You could here the bells clanging away below.

Once at the top we had to change to another car for the second let of the ascent. This car held 80 people. Was a little squishy. It revolved around so everyone could see different side of the mountain as they go up. We next got into the third car which took us up the final ascent of the mountain. This car held 60 people. Some how everyone from the previous car still fitted. We finally reached the top of mount Titlis. The peak is at a height of 3,238m. The top of the mountain is total covered in snow.

We made our way through the station at the top of the mountain and found ourselves in the ice caves. This is a series of tunnels of ice at the top of the mountain. We got some group photos here. Next we found the outside viewing area. When we got outside it was calm and clear. Perfect conditions. The temprature was only about minus one degree.

After a couple of quick photos of the view I went straight for the snow. Soon and I stepped on the snow I took a photo of my feet. I then was like a kid running around Toys R Us. Picking up snow and clapping my hands together. I grabbed a handful and ran back to the group showing them my handful of snow. Rhian tried to steal it off me so I tried to put it down the back of her jumper.

Eventually everyone made their way to the snow area. We took many photos and threw a bit of snow around. Our tour leader told us you could sit on a donut and slide down the hill. Couldn’t find this so I climbed up the hill myself and slid down on my ass. Same effect was still fun. The group then made our way to the sky walk. This is a steel suspended walkway which hangs off the side of the mountain. I kept breaking the ice off the fence which had built up watching it fall to the ground far below.

After this we went back inside the station through some tunnels that looked like they had been taken from a James Bond movie. We tried to find the restraunt to have a beer at the highest bar is Switzerland. However it was taken over by a group of Asians and we were kicked out. We decided to make our way back down the hill and find lunch in town.

After making the descent to the bottom of Mt Titlis Rhian and I lead the others to a patisserie we found yesterday with Aaron. We both had a bratwurst wrapped in pastry and a quich pizza slice. Was very tasty I could have had it again.

Rhian and I went back to the room and I fell asleep for an hour watching the Singapore F1 pratice. I woke up at five and went down stairs to have a drink with the others. Rhian didn’t come down until dinner time. Dinner was fondue consiting of bread, pickle and cocktail onions and red capsicum. Very healthy…..NOT. I didn’t like it and didn’t eat it. After that we had a potato square with veal and rocket with a mushroom sauce, was nice but filling with the fondue.

After dinner we hung out downstairs with the others talking over a few more drinks then called it a night. Was my favorite day of the trip so far.




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