Budapest – Day 22

Breakfast at the hotel was up there with the best we have had. There was anything and everything you could want for breakfast apart from pancakes. After breakfast a group of us headed out to visit the House Of Terror. House of Terror is a museum located at Andrássy út 60 in Budapest, Hungary. It contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes in 20th-century Hungary and is also a memorial to the victims of these regimes, including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in the building. Each room of the build is themed and has a page or more of information about the topic. We kept all the pages for dad to read when we get home. He loves all the history stuff. The most chilling rooms were down in the basement where the cells and the killing floor were. To think you are standing in a room where thousands of people were murdered is pretty sickening.

After the House of Terror we found a Cafe Bar called Incognito. Food was good and prices were not too bad. As with most cafe and pubs in Europe it had free WiFi so everyone had their phones out updating and reading Facebook. Was actually quick internet so I was able to check in on home. All seems well. Also got a short word with the house sitter that all is fine and Molly and Matilda are missing us. Aww. They sneak into the bedroom and hide in there. See if we will appear.

After lunch we went to a lolly store recommeded by our tour guide. Dad would be like a pig in shit with all the jubes. Rhian and I both filled a bag for the bus ride tomorrow. After our sugar hit we caught the metro back towards the hotel. I then went back to the hotel while Rhian stayed with Asmaa and did some shopping.

Once Rhian arrived back both of us fell asleep in the room for an hour or so until we woke up freezing. I jumped on Facebook and some were gathering in the lobby to go for dinner. I dragged Rhain up and we went down to meet them. Our tour guide told us of a restraunt up the road. We proceeded up the road to the restruant. Upon arrival the staff relocated a few tables in order to accomodate all 18 of us. I had a pasta and prawn dish which was not all that good but others seemed to enjoy their meals. The waiter got a big tip as everyone put all there left over coins that they had in the kitty. (Floren money is 1000 floren was about 3.4 euros) The meals and drinks that we had were about 10 euros, it was really cheap and we didn’t wait long at all for all the meals to come out. I

After dinner everyone headed back to the hotel for an early night. I think everyone was buggered and wanted a good nights sleep.




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