London – Day 31

Our first day not on tour. We took the opportunity to sleep in and didn’t get up until around nine o’clock. after getting organised we made it downstairs for breakfast before it closed. After breakfast for Rhain to spend an hour getting ready, doing your hair takes forever when a girl. Eventually we left the hotel and walked down the road towards the River Tems. We stopped at a coffee shop on the way. Apparently if you dine in you pay VAT. If you take away you don’t. Weird.

We walked across the bridge to the London Eye and to the ticket booth. It was cheaper to buy the tickets online. After filling out a bunch of forms to get on the WiFi at the London Eye I could then fill out a bunch more forms to buy the tickets. Eventually after telling them my life story we finally completed the process. We went straight to the desk to pickup the tickets only to find that the tickets needed to be confirmed. Because we had two hours before we could get on the ride we left and decided to explore further.

Rhian bought an umbrella in an attempt to keep dry as London was turning on the water works for us. We decided to make our way to Buckingham Palace. On the way we took a bunch of photos of Big Ben. Using the tablet we managed to find our way to Buckingham Palace in about fifteen minutes. After taking the photos etc we walked back towards the Tems along The Mall that borders St James Park. We walked through the Horse Guards Parade. We were lucky to see the horses changing shifts. Pretty much one horse walks out the front door and another one replaces it. I got a couple photos of Rhian next to a horse. It didn’t fancy her it didn’t take a nibble.

The rain was still falling so we walked back over the bridge towards the London Eye again. We still had 45 minutes to kill so we went inside at the ticket office where we could use the toilets and get something to drink. There is not a lot to say about the ride on the eye. You get in and it does a rotation. I think we could see as far as you normally see even with the bad weather. We took a bunch of photos.

After the ride we caught the London Tube towards Harrods. Once arrving Rhian demanded a photo out the front. I reckon it was up there with one the the fiv e biggest smiles on her face. We spent about four hours walking through each level of the store. I was disappointed with the pet heaven. There was next to no rabbit stuff. Can’t find anything to take home for Molly and Matilda. You should have seen the smug look on the dog that was getting taken care of in the spa. It thought it was the queen.

We also ran in Danielle, Lucy and Kim from our tour. Of all the places people should go in London I guess running into the three girls here is not that surprising. Rhian and I went back down stairs and had dinner at one of the small restraunts. The food was quite good. This is a good thing considering the prices. The Harods beer was actually quite good. After dinner we left Harrods and caught the Tube straight back to the hotel. Back inthe room I organised the check inn for the flights tomorrow and Rhian organised her bags. They were a jumbled mess. We found that baggage had not been included so we needed to add that to the tickets. I then tried the get the hotel to print the boarding passes for me but they just wouldn’t. So I had to go find an internet cafe down the road to print the tickets off.

After organising the next days travelling plans we went downstairs to use the WiFi and have a couple drinks at the bar. Turned out the WiFi was slow so being hungry Rhian and I went down the road to Macas for food and faster WiFi. After our feed we headed back to the hotel and bed. We had an early start the next day.




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