London to Dublin – Day 32

This morning we had an early start in order to get to the city airport and catch our flight to Dublin. We got up around seven and went down stairs for a quick breakfast. We managed to get up and get checked out by about 8am. With suitcases in tow we walked a few blocks to the underground to catch our first train to the airport. We only needed to travel a couple of stations before switching trains to the DLR line. This line then goes above ground to the London City Airport.

Once at the airport we checked-inn. My bag was 1kg over weight so I had to open the suitecase and pull some of the dirty washing out and put it into my carry on bag. I also took my coat out for good measure. Going have to pack the bags well for the return trip even it out.

Going through security I got pulled up for having an un-opened powerade in my bag. Also got my deoderante taken off me also. Rhian and I waited in departures using the free WiFi for an hour and a half. Our flight was also ten minutes delayed. When we took off from London we couldn’t see much out of the window because we were sitting right next to the engines. Our flight only took an hour and we landed at Dublin airport.

When we went through immergration I think we were the only non EU people on the flight. No line. The only question from the guy behind the desk was business or pleasure. He stamped out passports and took another drink of his Guiness. 😛 After going through immergration we collected our bags and walked straight through customs. Was no one to even check us. We bought return tickets on the bus that takes you into the city. Was only $10 euro each.

When we reached the hotel we were able to check-in early. Was a nice hotel and had excellent WiFi speeds. We stayed in the room until about 7pm when Rhian finally got sick of my bitching and complaining to go out. We walked the streets of Dublin for an hour before finding a restraunt to eat. After dinner we went to the movies and saw Rush. Was a good movie. 4.5 Heinekens. After the movie we walked back to the hotel and went to bed.


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